Free Mercury Remedies for 12 Houses

Free Mercury Remedies

These are the Mercury Remedies according to the placements of Mercury in all houses. These remedies work as per Vedic Astrology and as well as lal Kitab or Red Book.

Free Mercury Remedies for 1st House

  1. You should stay away from green color and your sister-in-law.
  2. You should not consume non-vegetarian food, alcohol, eggs etc.
  3. If you would sit and do business from one location, it will prove very useful to you.
  4. You should not do fishing.
  5. Taking blessings from unmarried girls, reciting Durga Saptmi and visiting religious places related to Goddess Durga will prove very beneficial for you.
  6. You should not keep bad electronic goods in your house.
  7. Wearing Emerald will be beneficial for you.

Free Mercury Remedies for 2nd House

  1. Get your nose pierced and wear silver in it for continuous 96 days.
  2. Taking good care of your unmarried sister-in-law or unmarried girls will be beneficial for you.
  3. Remedies related to Moon and Jupiter will be very helpful.
  4. If there is a coiled ball of jute lying in your house then uncoil it.
  5. Cleaning your teeth with alum will be very beneficial.
  6. You should not keep parrot, sheep or goat.
  7. Donating milk and rice at any religious place will be very beneficial.
  8. Minimise the use of green color.

Free Mercury Remedies for 3rd House

  1. Brush your teeth with the Alum.
  2. Donate a silver umbrella for the goddess.
  3. Wear Ruby.
  4. Take care of your niece.
  5. Get your nose pierced.
  6. Donate a goat on Wednesday.
  7. If your child is in pain, then keep a dog.
  8. Burn yellow colored shell and then float the ash in the river.
  9. Do not plant broad leaved plants in your house.
  10. Do not live in a house facing the south.
  11. Pray to Goddess Durga and take the blessings of unmarried girls.
  12. Keep a Parrot.
  13. Wash the butea leaves and bury them under a stone in a deserted area.
  14. Distribute Asthma medicines for free.
  15. Take care of a girl, sister, aunt or sister-in-law and take their blessings.
  16. Donate green bangles and green colored clothes to the eunuchs.

Free Mercury Remedies for 4th House

  1. For the peace of your mind, wear silver chain around your neck.
  2. For wealth you should wear gold chain around your neck.
  3. Eat and apply tilak of Saffron (Kesar) for continuous 43 days.
  4. Float 400 grams of jaggery on Sunday.
  5. Feed jaggery to monkeys.
  6. Do not rear parrot, sheep or goat in your house.
  7. Do not make use of green colour at home.
  8. Do not give shelter to your aunt or sister-in-law in your house for more days.
  9. Float 101 butea leaves in water after washing them with milk.
  10. You should recite verses of Goddess Durga and take care of unmarried girls.
  11. Donate green bangles and green clothes to the eunuchs (Hijra).
  12. Float unbaked earthen pot in the water.

Free Mercury Remedies for 5th House

  1. Pearl and silver would be favorable.
  2. For your financial progress, wear copper coin around your neck.
  3. For your luck and wife’s good behaviour, take care of cow.
  4. A house shaped like the face of a cow (narrow from the front and wide at the rear) will be very favorable.
  5. A house shaped like that of a lion (wide from the front and narrow at the rear) will be highly unfavorable.
  6. Use belt while wearing trousers.

Free Mercury Remedies for 6th House

  1. While going for a good work, keep flowers with you.
  2. Take care of your neice.
  3. Wear a silver ring in the right hand finger.
  4. Bury a bottle filled with ganga water in your farming land. (Moon is unfavorable).
  5. Do not get your sister or daughter married towards the northern side of your ancestral house.
  6. Fill an earthen pot with milk and bury it in an isolated place.
  7. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  8. Recite Goddess Durga’s rhymes.
  9. Do not keep any electronic articles in you house in a non-functional manner.
  10. Tie a belt across your waist.

Free Mercury Remedies for 7th House

  1. Take care of a black cow.
  2. Perform ‘KANYADAAN’ for your daughter’s marriage.
  3. Do not start any business in partnership.
  4. Do not rely on false hopes.
  5. Keep away from your sister-in-law.
  6. Fulfill all the wishes of your daughter and respect her as your mother.
  7. Wear diamond.
  8. Do not lend money on interest to anyone.
  9. Respect women.
  10. If you get saliva in your mouth, then get it treated.
  11. Recite the rhymes of Goddess Durga.
  12. If there are electrical articles lying useless in the house then get them repaired.

Free Mercury Remedies for 8th House

  1. 8 flowers or 8 fruits (round) and whole moong dal tied in a green cloth should be donated in a temple for a continuous 8 Mondays.
  2. You should not keep a parrot.
  3. Do not keep any broad leaved plants in your house.
  4. If Moon is in the 2nd house then feed 34 pedes (indian sweet) without sugar in them to the dogs.
  5. Give away white colored suit or saari and black socks to the eunuchs.
  6. Get your nose pierced and wear silver in it for a continuous 100 days.
  7. Donate red colored bangles to girls on Wednesday.
  8. Wash a yellow cloth for a continuous 43 days in a lake or river.
  9. Keep Mushroom in an earthen pot in the temple.
  10. Perform girl worship.
  11. Bury an earthen pot filled with honey in a burial ground or in an isolated place.
  12. Keep rain water or milk on your terrace.
  13. Wear a black colored underwear.
  14. Do not shift or change the place of worship in your house.
  15. Get the stairs in your house renovated.
  16. Make your daughter wear a silver ring in her nose.
  17. Recite Goddess Durga’s hymes.
  18. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  19. Take care of your daughter, aunt, sister and sister-in-law.

Free Mercury Remedies for 9th House

  1. Getting your nose pierced is a good remedy.
  2. Float yellow rice in the water for continuous 43 days.
  3. This person’s clothes, which he is wearing at the time of his birth, should be washed in the river during the day time.
  4. Keep a red colored iron ball with you in the pocket.
  5. Wear silver.
  6. Feed bread (roti) to a red cow.
  7. Do not use green cloth.
  8. Donate mushrooms filled in an earthen pot at a religious place.
  9. Do not accept any form of amulet (taabeej) or locket to wear around the neck from any sadhu or fakir.
  10. Wear any new cloth after washing it.
  11. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  12. Recite Goddess Durga’s hymes.
  13. Donate whole moong dal.

Free Mercury Remedies for 10th House

  1. Do not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food.
  2. Donate milk and rice at religious places.
  3. Do not have money-plant or Tulsi planted in your house.
  4. Do not do fishing.
  5. Remedies related to Saturn would prove very useful.
  6. Feed grass to cow.
  7. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  8. Recite Goddess Durga’s hymes.
  9. Do not use a lot of green color.

Free Mercury Remedies for 11th House

  1. Keep an iron shot with you.
  2. Wear copper coin around your neck.
  3. Take care of your sister and daughter.
  4. Use green color.
  5. Make use of the alum.
  6. Do not take any rings, ornament of the neck etc. from the sadhus and fakirs.
  7. Do not keep the empty vessels covered.
  8. Do not keep broad-leaved plants in your house.
  9. Do not get your nose pierced.
  10. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  11. Organize to have rhymes of Goddess Durga recited in your house.

Free Mercury Remedies for 12th House

  1. The number of your teeth should not be 30 and 32.
  2. Get your nose pierced for sure. Wear silver in it for a continuous 100 days.
  3. Keep a black dog at home.
  4. Wear gold around your neck.
  5. Float 12 empty pots in flowing water on Tuesday.
  6. Donate gram pulses, saffron and turmeric at a religious place for a continuous 43 days.
  7. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  8. Float egg in the water.
  9. Wear a steel ring in your finger.
  10. Travel to religious places.
  11. Apply Saffron tilak.
  12. Before starting any work, consult and take advice from others.
  13. Take the blessings of unmarried girls.
  14. Worship Goddess Durga.
  15. Fulfill all your promises.
  16. Do not get into quarrels.
  17. Keep you anger under control.
  18. Do not speak lies.
  19. Keep fast on Wednesday.
  20. Keep all the electronic articles in your house in working condition.

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