Free Ketu Remedies for 12 Houses

Free Ketu Remedies

These are the free Ketu Remedies according to the placements of Ketu in all houses. These remedies work as per Vedic Astrology and as well as lal Kitab or Red Book.

Free Ketu Remedies for 1st House

  1. If Ketu’s unfavorable effect is visible on your maternal uncle, then feed jaggery to the monkey.
  2. Perform remedies of Mercury.
  3. If your children are in pain or difficulty, then donate a black & white colored blanket in a temple.
  4. Wear silver in both your feet’s thumbs.
  5. If you fall sick everyday, then apply Saffron (kesar) tilak on your forehead.
  6. In your Kundali, Sun is in the 6th or 7th house. Do not donate jaggery, wheat or copper during the morning and evening.
  7. Keep a black & white dog. It will bring luck to you.
  8. You should not live in the last house on the street or lane.
  9. Always keep a red handkerchief with you.
  10. Do not keep goat in your house.
  11. Praying to Lord Ganesha and keeping fast during Ganesha Chaturthi will be very beneficial to you.
  12. Make sure to take 2 beds and 1 gold ring in dowry.
  13. Donating Kapila cow will be beneficial for you.
  14. Wearing dual colored stone will also be beneficial for you.

Free Ketu Remedies for 2nd House

  1. Applying a paste of turmeric, saffron or yellow sandal wood on your forehead will be beneficial.
  2. Donate tamriand or sesamum in the temple.
  3. Keep your character good.
  4. Take care of unmarried girls.
  5. Praying to Lord Ganesha and keeping fast on Ganesha Chaturthi will be very beneficial.
  6. Make sure to take a bed or gold ring in dowry.
  7. Feeding fodder to the cow’s house will be beneficial.
  8. You should give one part of your food to a black and white dog.
  9. You should take care of young boys.
  10. Feed bitter things to unmarried girls (below 9 years of age).

Free Ketu Remedies for 3rd House

  1. Apply Saffron (Kesar) Tilak.
  2. During lung diseases etc. float gram or saffron in flowing water.
  3. Wear gold to keep away from wounds and to improve your financial condition.
  4. The remedy for useless travels and trips is to float milk and rice or wheat and jaggery in flowing water.
  5. Attach a copper stone to your house door.
  6. If there is a rope or woolen balls lying in the house then use them and do not leave them lying like that.
  7. Wear a twin colored stone.
  8. Donate a spotted (black and white) blanket at a religious place.
  9. Bury a piece of spotted (black and white) blanket in the burial ground.

Free Ketu Remedies for 4th House

  1. Donate gold, pulses or yellow articles in a yellow cloth to your family priest and take his blessings.
  2. Float gram pulses in flowing water.
  3. If for any reason your son is facing a problem then keep a dog.
  4. Wear silver for the peace of your mind.
  5. Keep fast on Ganseha Chaturthi.
  6. Take 2 beds and a gold ring in dowry.
  7. Float seasamum (Til), lime, banana etc in water.
  8. Feed one part of your food to a striped dog.

Free Ketu Remedies for 5th House

  1. Donate rice, milk, jaggery etc.
  2. Float Sesamum, lime, banana etc in water or donate them.
  3. Feed sour things to girls below 9 years of age.

Free Ketu Remedies for 6th House

  1. Wear a gold ring in your left hand.
  2. Keep a dog for child birth.
  3. Take care of your sister, aunt, and daughter.
  4. Float garlic for a continuous 6 days in water. (If the Moon is in the 4th house).
  5. Add Saffron in the milk and then drink it.Heat an iron rod and immerse it in the milk before drinking it.
  6. Heat an iron rod and immerse it in the milk before drinking it.
  7. Donate bananas for a continuous 43 days at a religious place.
  8. If the dog you keep at your house dies then you should get another one within 15 days.

Free Ketu Remedies for 7th House

  1. Do not ever do false promises.
  2. Showing arrogance makes Ketu unfavorable.
  3. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead.
  4. During the time of grave problems, perform remedies related to Jupiter.
  5. Float 4 lemons for 4 continuous days in flowing water.
  6. Float 4 bananas for 4 continuous days in flowing water.
  7. Take care of Kapila cow.
  8. Wear a dual colored stones.
  9. Donate a black and white blanket in a temple.

Free Ketu Remedies for 8th House

  1. Donate 200 grams of gram wrapped in a yellow cloth at a religious place.
  2. Get your ear pierced and wear gold in it for 96 days.
  3. Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead or eat it.
  4. Keep your character clean.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  6. Feed food to the dogs regularly.
  7. Keep a black dog.
  8. Sleep on the bed given to you in the form of dowry.
  9. Donate a black and white blanket in a temple.
  10. Do not tie a dog on your terrace.
  11. If you have Nylon or thread balls lying in your house then unroll them and get a bed made out of them.
  12. Float black and white sesamum in the water.

Free Ketu Remedies for 9th House

  1. If there is a pregnant dog in your house then this is favorable for your children.
  2. Wear gold in your ears.
  3. Keep a square gold piece at any location in your hosue.
  4. If you suffer from pain in the joints then wear gold in your ears.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  6. Respect your elders.
  7. Take care of your parents-in-law.

Free Ketu Remedies for 10th House

  1. Bury honey or milk in the foundation of your house.
  2. Keep honey filled in a silver vessel in your house.
  3. Keep your character clean.
  4. Rear a dog at your house after you turn 48.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  6. Feed food to boys younger than 9 yeas old.
  7. Float black and white sesamum in a drain.

Free Ketu Remedies for 11th House

  1. Keep a black dog.
  2. Your wife should keep a radish next to her while sleeping and then donate it at a religious place in the morning. She should perform this remedy for a continuous 43 days.
  3. Keep black-white rice in the kitchen.
  4. Donate ‘Kapila’ cow.
  5. Feed fodder in the byre.
  6. Feed the dogs.
  7. Wear dual colored stone.

Free Ketu Remedies for 12th House

  1. Wear gold around your neck.
  2. Suck your thumb after dipping it in milk 12 times for a continuous 12 days.
  3. Keep a black dog in your house.
  4. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  5. Take care of your brother-in-law.

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