Free Jupiter Remedies for 12 Houses

Free Jupiter Remedies

These are the Jupiter Remedies according to the placements of Jupiter in all houses. These remedies work as per Vedic Astrology and as well as lal Kitab or Red Book.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 1st House

  1. Donate clothes to saints & monks and also arrange to feed them meals.
  2. Donate articles related to Mercury, Venus and Saturn at religious places.
  3. Take good care of the untouchables and cow.
  4. If Saturn is situated in the 5th house, then do not get any house constructed.
  5. If Saturn is situated in the 9th house, then do not buy any machinery related to Saturn.
  6. If Saturn is situated in the 11th or 12th house, then do not consume alcohol nor eat eggs.
  7. To nullify the malefic effects of Mercury, wear silver ornament in the nose.
  8. Keep faith in your destiny and do not take any donations nor help from anyone.
  9. Respect women.
  10. Wear pure gold.
  11. Apply Saffron tilak on your navel.
  12. Get the walls of your house painted in Yellow.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 2nd House

  1. You should always be nice to others.
  2. Donate Chana Dal wrapped in a yellow cloth to the priest of the temple.
  3. Feeding milk to snake will also prove beneficial for you.
  4. You should respect and take good care of your guests.
  5. You should get all the pits and holes in front of your house filled with mud.
  6. You should always keep a ‘Kachcha’ part in your house.
  7. Applying Tilak of Kesar (Saffron) and Haldi (Turmeric) will also be beneficial for you.
  8. Wearing pure gold will be beneficial for you.
  9. You should paint the walls of your house in yellow.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 3rd House

  1. Pray to Lord Hari and take care of unmarried girls.
  2. Apply saffron or turmeric tilak.
  3. Worship the Peepal tree.
  4. Pray to Lord Vishnu.
  5. Wearing Topaz will be beneficial for you. In the absence of this, wear a knot of turmeric around your arms tied with a yellow thread.
  6. Take care of a Brahmin or your family-priest.
  7. Sow yellow flowers in your verandah.
  8. Do not indulge in any debates.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 4th House

  1. You should not get a temple constructed in your house.
  2. You should take care of your elders.
  3. Feed milk to snake.
  4. Do not keep your body uncovered in front of others.
  5. Do not wear a vest (baniyan) with a red sign or mark on it.
  6. Do not bathe in front of others.
  7. Go on pilgrimage and pray to god.
  8. Take the blessings of your family priest.
  9. Plant a Peepal tree.
  10. Keep your character clean.
  11. Take care of the elderly people.
  12. Paint the walls of your house with yellow colour.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 5th House

  1. Keep a dog.
  2. Pray to God Ganesha.
  3. Take care of school teacher.
  4. Float ‘Nag’ and saffron in water.
  5. Do not accept any donation or gift.
  6. Take care of sadhus and priests.
  7. Do not accept Prasad from the temples.
  8. Keep a pony tail.
  9. Do not consume non-vegetarian food or alcohol.
  10. Keep your character clean.
  11. Clean the area where you pray regularly.
  12. Keep fast on thursdays.
  13. Take care of the Peepal tree.
  14. Pray to Lord Vishnu.
  15. Wear Topaz, or in case you cannot afford it then apply turmeric.
  16. Plant sunflower or marigold in your house.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 6th House

  1. Keep a dog.
  2. Wear gold jewellery.
  3. Give water to the Peepal tree.
  4. For your financial progress, donate 600 grams of gram pulses at a religious place for six continuous days.
  5. Feed Masoor dal to the cock.
  6. Take care of your guests and the elderly people.
  7. Donate clothes to family preist.
  8. Commence all business activities after taking help and consultation from your son.
  9. Feed sweet bread to the dog.
  10. Keep fast on Thursday.
  11. Recite Garun-Puran.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 7th House

  1. Worship Lord Shiva.
  2. Do not kill the frogs.
  3. Do not get a temple constructed withint the premises of your house.
  4. Wrap gold in a yellow cloth and then keep it with you.
  5. Stay away from sadhus and hermits.
  6. Do not preach about religion.
  7. Give water to the Peepal tree.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 8th House

  1. Wear gold or yellow colored thread around your neck every time.
  2. Donate 800 grams gram pulses in a temple for continuous 8 days.
  3. Plant a Peepal tree in the cremation ground.
  4. Donate 8 turmeric pieces in a temple for 3 continuous days.
  5. If your are being defamed because of a woman then wrap a raw jute thread which has been yellowed with turmeric powder around a peepal tree.
  6. Take care of a sadhu or a spiritual person who is of the age of your grandfather.
  7. Float articles related to Rahu like wheat, Jo, coconut etc. in flowing water.
  8. Donate ghee, potato or camphor (kapoor) in a temple.
  9. Do not let a begger go past your house empty handed.
  10. Keep fast on Thursday.
  11. Worship Lord Vishnu.
  12. Take care of your family priest.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 9th House

  1. Take care of cow.
  2. Bury silver and honey under the floor of your house.
  3. Bury a square silver coin under the Neem tree for a continuous 43 days.
  4. Go to the temple everyday.
  5. Do not consume alcohol.
  6. Float rice in flowing water.
  7. Take a bath in the ganga river and drink ganga water.
  8. Travel to religious places and help others to go there.
  9. Speak the Truth everytime.
  10. Do not eat food half-eaten by someone.
  11. Take care of the Peepal tree.
  12. Apply a tilak of Saffron and Turmeric.
  13. Plant the sunflower and marigold flowers in the verandah of your house.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 10th House

  1. Float copper coin in flowing water for a continuous 43 days.
  2. On Sunday, float 400 grams or 4 kilograms of jaggery in flowing water.
  3. For a continuous 43 days or 7 Thursdays, offer almonds in a temple.
  4. Float sulphur in water.
  5. Keep your nose cleaned.
  6. Do not keep your head open, always cover it up.
  7. Donate almonds, coconut, urad dal and oil during Solar Eclispe.
  8. Do not keep the idol of god in your house.
  9. Apply tilak of saffron.
  10. Do not keep company with the sadhus and hermits.
  11. Do not wear yellow clothes.
  12. Do not wear gold.
  13. Do not do good to anyone.
  14. Believe in religion and hard work.
  15. Do not donate food to the person begging for it.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 11th House

  1. Donate coffin.
  2. Wear a copper bangle around your wrist.
  3. Wear gold on your body.
  4. Give water to the Peepal tree.
  5. Keep a yellow handkerchief with you.
  6. Use the bed and clothes used by your father.
  7. Keep your promises.
  8. Live with your family and take care of them.
  9. Do no consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
  10. Bow your head in the burial ground and drop a copper coin there.
  11. Apply tilak of saffron or turmeric.
  12. Take care of family preist.

Free Jupiter Remedies for 12th House

  1. Give water to the Peepal tree.
  2. Take care of an aged Brahmin and donate yellow clothes to him.
  3. Apply tilak of saffron or turmeric.
  4. Do not wear any necklace.
  5. Take care of your father.
  6. If in your Kundali Jupiter and Moon are sitting together then do not give water to the Banyan tree.
  7. Keep a pony tail.
  8. Always keep your head covered.
  9. Take care of sadhu-sanyasis.
  10. Do not give false testimony.
  11. Keep anise seeds and water by your side while sleeping during the night.
  12. Do not betray others.
  13. Respect your teacher.
  14. Worship Lord Hari (Vishnu).
  15. Wear topaz.
  16. Organize a recital of Garun-Puran.

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