Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Ten – fifteen minutes Meditation in day can change your life miraculously

Simple ten to fifteen minutes meditation every day can change your life tremendously. Here are some simple meditation techniques from that will help you making your life wonderful and full of positivity.

Posture of meditation and how to meditate

Before you start meditation you need to understand the posture use in meditation. It is best to sit upright and with your spinal cord straight and ensure that you don’t need to strain yourself in keeping your spinal cord straight.  The art is to make you as relaxed as possible. If you are not comfortable you can lie down too.

  1. Sit straight or lie down but comfortably.
  2. Keep your eyes closed.
  3. Breathe naturally don’t try to control it.
  4. Focus

Techniques of meditation –

There are various simple techniques you can use to meditate

  1. Mediation through healing music

Music is extremely powerful in relaxation/meditation. You can find thousands of meditation music online. Just switch on the sound and play music for 10 – 15 minutes every day. Make sure your eyes are close at the time of listening music. These exercises will sooth your mind, body and soul and it gives you new positive energy to fight your hectic schedule.

  1. Mediation through staring at candle

Create a dim light in room, and light up a candle stare at it for 10 – 15 minutes. It can be difficult to concentrate initially as many thoughts may be running in your mind, just try to release those thoughts and let your brain feel as light as possible don’t give up till you succeed.

  1. Mediation through chanting mantra   

Chanting any mantra helps your mind to focus and calms you down. There are various mantras available that you can chant or ask an astrologer for mantra of your Isht Dev. Some simplest chanting mantras are Om Namah Shivaye.  This will make you and your, surroundings with positivity.

  1. Mediation through visualization technique

One of the easiest way of meditation is visualization, you can keep a picture or idol in front of you and look at it or else you can just close your eyes and visualize whatever you feel and embellish it as much as possible the day you start feeling that your visualization has become real you succeeded the technique.

  1. Mediation through focus on present moment

Sit down cross your legs close your eyes and focus on your breath but don’t try to control your breath let it flow the way it is.  After few moments try to feel the sensations in and around you, expand your concentration to your surroundings, try to hear and feel the minute details of your surroundings.  Repeat it for few minutes and you will notice after few days that awareness about your surroundings has increased.

  1. Mediation through observing

Keep your eyes open and focus on any spot you decide between your eyebrows which is also called as third eye chakra. Keep a candle or pencil or any pointed thing at a distance at level of your chakra stare at it. This will open your chakra and increase your concentration power as well and your memory will become sharpened.

  1. Mediation through breathing exercises.  

Breathing exercise or breathing meditation is also good, you can simply use pranayama and anulom Vilom to start up with simple breathing meditation.  These breathing meditations will boost up your lungs, concentration and provide you good health. But ensure that your meditation area is dust free as you can get adverse effect.

Benefits availed through meditation

Here are some important Health benefits you acquire through regular meditation.

  1. Relaxation, in today’s hectic lifestyle relaxing you mind body and soul is extremely important & meditation can bring you relaxation.
  2. Controls low or high blood pressure.
  3. Controls diabetes.
  4. Controls heart rate.
  5. Controls cholesterol.
  6. Controls respiratory problems.
  7. Improves blood circulation.
  8. Decreases anxiety.
  9. Reduces stress.

Other than health benefits meditations helps in many more ways.

  1. Brings mental stability.
  2. Increases your concentration power.
  3. Improves your memory power.
  4. Activates your dead chakras.
  5. It controls your emotions.
  6. Enlightens your mind body and soul.
  7. Brings you peace and makes you calm.
  8. It controls your anger.
  9. Cleanses your mind and soul.
  10. Buddhism says meditation lets you meet your true inner self and opens door to moksha.


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